Thursday, May 18, 2006

Time to think...

Dear Cynthia,

Again, I assure you that I am feverishly working on the Summer in Kansas shawl (completed 147 rows, 84%, approximately :-) and also the collared zip cardigan, but nothing exciting to photograph there, and so I present another post of diversions.

I've been carrying my new Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book around the house, not sure why I am so fond of it. On Page 16, the author, Margrit Lohrer, says, "Stop-and-go projects bother me--stop and check, stop and read, stop and count--they don't give me time to think. Knitting is the time when I digest the day's events, my life's, and the world's."

I enjoy a challenging project as much as the next totally-fanatical knitter. I know there are some knitters who will consider only those projects which will tantalize their minds, and I think that is admirable and ambitious. I had been feeling a little bit like a slug, working away on my simple mostly-stockinette-stitch collared zip cardigan. And then I read Margrit Lohrer's quote, and I felt instantly better and very much affirmed. Sometimes it is just about the repetition of it, and the peaceful simpleness of making something square. I am so glad!

Because, for another "deadline knitting" project (my mother-in-law's birthday in September), I have selected "Foulard" out of the Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book. It is a simple 50 inch square knit from corner to corner in garter stitch! I'm even more excited about it today, because I split a Knit Picks order with a friend whom I'll call Catherine, so the yarn for this project is "in the building". It is Shimmer, an alpaca/silk blend, in the Stained Glass colorway, and it is so soft.

Well, I've got some knitting to do!
Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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