Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Dear Cynthia,
I interupt this knitting blog to bring you the reason I have been knitting less the past few days. (Well, actually, the **real** reason I have been knitting less is because I have two sweaters which I just finished knitting and I am stalling to do the finishing on them. We all know how much I **enjoy** finishing sweaters.)

The **pseudo** reason is that I'm on a skirt-making kick, for a birthday and also for somebody needing comfy/cool clothes for a European vacation (which is not me, by the way -- no European vacations scheduled here -- just a trip to Door County later this summer). These look much better once they have been washed and then dried all bunched up (tied to keep them scrunched together), sort of like the old broomstick style skirts having vertical pleats/crinkles.

Also, I bought some "Kitchen Cotton" Lion Brand, a whole pound of it. [My knitting friend, whom I'll call "Catherine", bought a pound of white Peaches and Cream a few weeks ago, and I laughed. Catherine, are you laughing now?] I feel like I'm letting you down, Cynthia, because I know that yarn which may be found at Michael's is not your **favorite** brand of yarn, nor is it my favorite. For nice sweaters, I usually get the best I think I can afford, and it is generally worth the extra money for the quality and feel of the finished product. However, with this cotton, I figured that cheapo would be okay since it is for simple workhorse dishcloths, and by simple, I mean it will probably be the standard square ones where you start at one corner and end at the diagonally opposite corner (known as "Grandma's Fav" on this page). A colleague of dh's from Indiana is moving here in the next few weeks, and my current "stash" of dishcloths for misc small gifts (including house-warming) is depleted, so time to make some more.

Well, there is much to do if I'm going to have more knitting content in the next few days. It would be nice if I could share a sweater which is actually finished! Hopefully in the next couple of days, with free patterns for both at some point, too.

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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