Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Christmas in May

Dear Cynthia,

Just a quick note... I posted a free pattern on Pickin' and Throwin' which is available in the "Free Patterns" section of the sidebar (though I'm confident you would have figured that out on your own). Consider it a diversion, so that you don't notice my lack of posting any project updates (though I assure you, I haven't stopped knitting)...

My test last night went well, but I'm some kind of weirdo, because I might have been the only one leaving the exam room with a tremendous sense of loss. I think I just get "attached" to things, even being a student in a class. I don't remember this ever happening the first time I went to college... In any case, I know I won't miss the dead cats, and I already notice more free time. It will take a few days to shake those "I ought to be studying right now instead of (insert any number of words here, such as knitting, blogging, housekeeping, etc)" thoughts. Nothing else for me to report today...

Hang in there with the blanket! I just know you'll be showing a photo of it in all its completed glory very, very soon!

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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