Monday, May 01, 2006


Dear Cynthia,

Saturday was so much fun! Here's a hint regarding the contest: When you (Designated Knitter) buy yarn, it often "speaks" to you at some later date, long after the purchase. When I (YarnThrower) buy yarn, it must speak to me before the purchase, because I won't buy it unless I have a project identified for it (perhaps because I am more of a "product" knitter, and you are more of a "process" knitter?).

I'm supposed to be intensely studying for the lab exam I have tomorrow night. It will involve looking at dead, dissected cats, and trying to find various blood vessels and other assorted body parts in them. I have to say it is a sensory experience, giving new meaning to Phoebe's song "Smelly Cat" (of "Friends" fame). Generally, I don't allowed exam preparation to get in the way of my knitting... It's not a rule, but it seems to be how things work out...perhaps because housework gets side-lined first...

I just finished row 97 of the shawl, and for those keeping score at home, it means only 63 more ever-lengthening rows. Three rows per day seems to be attainable, and is a good amount of time for such intense concentration. More, and I think I'd just be asking for mistakes.

My "mindless" knitting continues to be the Blackberry Ridge Nubby Wool cardigan. I just divided for the fronts and back, and it is definitely going to fit much, much better than the first version did. I like having the ribbing under the arms for some "shaping", and I like the wider ribbing better, though it was a pain to face ripping out the whole sweater before, all in all I am going to be sooo much happier with the finished product. This will have a zip front and a seed stitch collar to match the front bands.

Well, back to ignoring my studies...

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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