Thursday, May 25, 2006


Dear Laura:

A couple of posts ago, I blithely tossed off a remark about how I'd cast on a pair of socks. No big deal...having some issues with the baby sweater, thought I'd get a little "distance" while still being productive.

And you are so didn't call me on it.

Because it isn't like I needed to cast on new socks - there are plenty of socks-in-progress I could have picked up...some of them from when I posted my sock-yarn stash pictures.

Clockwise from the lower left we have:

The two-at-a-time-on-circular-needles-toe-up socks that I started I've been "working on" for ages.

The second one is my second start for my sockapaloooza socks, which I abandoned because they were coming out too small. These will be frogged.

Next is a sock that...well...I'd forgotten about. I don't know when or why I started it. But there it is. I found it.

Then we have the FIRST sock I started for my sockapaloooza socks. They are a heavier weight, 3x2 garter rib. I got a couple of inches done and decided that I wanted better socks for my sock pal - not just my "in-a-hurry" standby pattern.

And first jaywalker. I'm at the heel....and just a few rows ago figured out a part of the instructions so the last few rows look right. I decided that I would just keep going forward and not let it bother me that the first cuff was mostly wrong. Yeah, like I can do that. These will also be frogged, I expect.

Especially since I robbed the needles out of them to start THIS sock!! I'm using the yarn that my sock pal sent me, and I really like them!! It's a pattern from "Vintage Socks" by Nancy Bush, which I tweeked just a little.

So, still avoiding the baby sweater. After TWO gage swatches, and TWO cast-ons, I'm still conflicted about it. Maybe if I let it marinate another weekend.....

Keep knitting!!
Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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