Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Black Hole Time....

The red blanket. I really want to finish it. NOW! I want to move on to the baby sweater and lace shawl without the blanket screaming for attention. But it has reached that stage. I have convinced myself that a 30" square blanket will be good. I'm going to finish this ball of yarn, and if it goes over 30" that's fine, but it just looks silly to be any shorter than 30".

So I've been measuring, then knitting, then measuring....and I finally got to 28" - so it was time to add the mohair for the border. Just to be sure I laid it out (as per the instructions) and pulled it to full width before measuring.



It may never end.

We had a mushroom party tonight. When I was growing up, spring meant hunting and eating morel mushrooms. I haven't had any in years tho, I was never a successful hunter. Dad managed to supply us with 4 POUNDS of mushrooms. My three brothers and some of their kids came over, and we fried for about 45 minutes. Ate every last bit. It was wonderful!

And it stopped raining, so my brother mowed the lawn. And I took my houseplants out to enjoy the mild weather. So, lots going on here!!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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