Friday, May 05, 2006

The Brown Truck

Dear Cynthia,

Who doesn't love it when the Brown Truck stops right in front of the house? Having a package tracking system which allows a Mommy to figure out exactly when an expected delivery is loaded on the truck and "out for delivery", the UPS company and, more specifically, the Brown Truck, has captivated my children's anticipation from an early age. Even the old song from The Music Man about the Wells Fargo Wagon is reminiscent of such anticipation.

I am no different. The Brown Truck stopped in front of my house yesterday. It delivered a package ADDRESSED TO ME! Inside the box was a shawl kit and a new book. My mom had just arrived from out of town shortly before this. I think it is good that my mom was here when the package was delievered and when I opened it, because the shawl kit is her Mothers' Day present, and it might not have worked out that way if I had opened the package solo. Luxurious yarn with a simple pattern, and I love the look of the finished product in the photo. I've also been throroughly enjoying the book. It is one of very few books which I have ever purchased without paging through it first. There is something about the Morehouse Merino web site which draws me to it, and I think I figured this book might have the same powers. Well, it does! The patterns inside are not at all difficult, but the book is refreshing to me. My favorite chapter is the one about lace, and I can see myself making several of the items. I didn't get too excited about the sweaters. I think that all except for one of them is dropped shoulder, and so I'd definitely make some revisions to them if I decided to make any for myself. However, the photos of the farm, people, animals, and knitted items, coupled with a lot of great, fun patterns for kids' stuff, are thoroughly engaging me, and I am loving it!

My little guy and I really had a nice time at the zoo yesterday! Can you find the three-year-old in this photo?

My mom will be staying here until tomorrow. The boys are very excited because she is here for "two sleepovers". She and I are going to sewing mecca tomorrow, to attend an expo which happens every year at about this time in Beaver Dam. It has been an annual event for us to attend together for the past five years, and it is just nice to be able to spend some time together immersing ourselves in *gasp* a hobby other than knitting *double gasp*. We are signed up for one quilting class in the afternoon, so we will stock up on sewing supplies in the morning at the Nancy's Notions warehouse. Talk about dangerous.....

I leave you with some photos of the new carousel at our zoo. It it indoors, so there is a ceiling which is really cool, too, though because of the lighting I was unable to get photos of the fun pictures of animals up there.Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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