Friday, May 26, 2006

Back on Sleeve Island

Dear Cynthia,

I wonder what a psychiatrist would think if you told him/her that you have issues with socks. I know that many knitters do, myself included.... I just wonder if it has ever been explored in therapy, and if it ever catches mental health professionals off guard... It is still so much cheaper, healthier, therapeutic, etc., than smoking, so as far as addictions go, great choice!

I'm having a little problem with the neckline bind-off on the sweater for my nephew's birthday (the first time it was way too loose, then way too tight, still not quite "just right", but I think I'll have it if I bind it off with a size 15 needle in my right hand), but other than that, things are progressing and I'm making sleeves. Target completion date is early July, so no panic.

I keep telling myself that after these sleeves are done, I am going to have a little disciplined session of sewing up this sweater, and doing the finishing on my green sweater. I will make myself do this, because I will feel so much better once done. Knitting "finishing" really is a lot like exercise that way...

Anyway, I'm off to fix that neckline bind-off! Have a great day!
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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KarenK said...

Stop what you're doin', put those needles down, and read this: (and look at the pictures)

I've tried different cast-off methods, and hands down, Elizabeth Zimmermann's method wins the gold knitting needles.