Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dear Cynthia,

Today I decided that my priorities must be adjusted, even if just for today. There is a "situation" in my kitchen. Even though on Thursdays I usually don't have to cook dinner (because I have class, and the boys spend the early evening with some friends), there is not even a place to put another dirty dish on the counter top (and no matter what, I KNOW there will be more dirty dishes today, even if I don't have to cook dinner).... And there is not a burner on top of the stove which doesn't already have a dirty pan on it..

And normally by this time of the year we already have our tax refund, but this year I have to get some organizing done so that I may even *begin* the process of filing our return...I have to tell you that the "lady who cleans my house" has **really** let things go, but, at least she is somewhat bothered by this. And so, as an immediate step toward rectifying this issue, progress on the Fana Cardigan has been halted until my cleaning lady can get things under control...though she is quite motivated by thoughts of knitting soon, so I think she'll find her inner strength and just DO SOME DISHES so that knitting may resume tonight!!

On a much happier note, one of my friends from my moms' group, whom I'll call "Catherine", is showing initial signs of a possible knitting addiction. I know this for a fact, because yesterday she mentioned to me that she understands why people might have more than one project going at a time... There are certain projects which just cannot be used as background material during a conversation, and so she was thinking she might need an easier project than the one she currently is working on so that she does not have to put down her knitting when she talks with her husband. Yup.

I think "world peace" might be within our reach... Let me know how things go with your class!

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to go do five minutes on my dishes before I go to bed; my house looks a lot like yours. I haven't been knitting all the time, though - I stopped to read your Vogue knitting book. And check a few blogs. Tonight I found another great use for knitting - my kids went to sleep snuggled up together in a prayer shawl while I was knitting it. I think it helped them get to sleep faster, because they had to lie pretty still to not mess up my knitting.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my dishes are done now, so I'll leave one more comment. Yesterday, as you said, I was thinking about some mindless knitting project for chatting. This morning, waiting for my younger son to be done with his speech therapy appointment, it occurred to me that that 50 minutes per week would be perfect for a really complicated project, as I'm just sitting by myself in the waiting room. On the way home from Bible study this morning, I remarked to my husband that I'll need a really complicated, really small project, on really thin needles, for our trip to Europe this summer, so my knitting will fit in our luggage, and last through the trip.