Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Admire Your Fortitude!

Dear Laura:

That Fana cardigan is looking really great! I love the sleeve that is so beautifully finished. Do you think you'll get it finished tomorrow? I know that's when your ds is expecting it! Since I know the second sleeve is knitted, I'm thinking you'll finish on time.

The sock looks good too! I like how you managed to cast on something without breaking your "no-new-projects-until-the-WIPs-are-finished" policy.

I, however, continue to cast on without any regard to works-in-progress. I did announce that I wanted to finish that orange mitten last week so that I could cast on a baby blanket with a clear conscience. Ahem. Well, yes. That didn't happen. ^blush^

As I headed for Kenosha, I grabbed the orange mitten AND the baby blanket to work on. However, about 1/2 way to Chicago, I got a phone call informing me that my brother's new grandchild was in the process of being born. I had somehow gotten mixed up and thought this was not happening until May, but I was wrong. Mother in labor trumps all WIPs, so I stopped at my favorite yarn store in the Chicago area, Three Bags Full in Northbrook.

I didn't leave with three bags, but I did leave with this:

Two skeins of Cascade 220 in an aqua twist color, a Fiber Trends pattern for a cute sweater, a set of 24" #5 needles and a pair of #5 straights. (Of course I have these needles at home. But I wasn't at home, was I?? I need to carry ALL my needles when I travel! Oh well.)

I did not leave with a couple of skeins of Koigu, despite their wonderful selection and the fact that I had PLANNED to buy it. The budget just wouldn't extend that far.

I cast on the sweater yet Friday night, and finished the yoke and one sleeve before I left for home. One of the reasons that I chose this pattern (besides the cute factor) is that it is a raglan, and I enjoy the whole "hook it together and decrease the yoke in the round" method. It was not until I cast on that I read the pattern closely enough to realize that it is a top-down sweater, and so I was INCREASING the yoke instead of decreasing. (I'm not a fan of increasing, I'd rather decrease. No special reason; just because.)

Anyway, it has been a nice knit, and I still have the bonus of not having much finishing to do. I am knitting down the body of the sweater, and when I bind off, the only thing left to do is weave in the end. Sweet!

I also cast on the blanket and worked a few rows.

I'm not sure about it yet, tho. I caved in to pressure from my God-daughter who asked that the blanket have not just red, but also "rainbow" colors. I had the ball of Trekking XXL in "rainbow" colors along because someone at the Wool Barn had also advised carrying it on the border. I'm still not convinced. I have a vision of a red blanket, carrying baby mohair in solid red on both borders for softness. I've knitted this pattern several times and always striped it, but I have in my head to do a solid color this time.

Well, there's more to post, by my wrists are tired of typing and I don't want to spend too much wrist movement typing when I have so much knitting to do.

Oh! I should say that my great-nephew was born at 12:30 am Saturday and weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz. He's a healthy baby, but mom is having some complications. We pray that she will soon be well!

Keep knitting,

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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