Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back on Track

Dear Cynthia,

Upon hearing the words "back on track", my three year old would say, "Mommy, 'back' and 'track' - they rhyme." However, I am thinking that your first thoughts, instead, might be, "Hmmm, I wonder if something might have gone wrong in Laura's Land of Lace, but now it's all better."

The discerning will notice the complete lack of a needle of any kind accompanying the knitting in this photo. That is because, after ten additional rows of progress, I had an "oops" which got out of control so badly that, once again, I had to rip back to the most recent life-line. And so, I am revisiting row 40 again (and row 41, and row 42, etc). Life-lines are great. In fact, if I had put one in once I got to row 50, I wouldn't be having this conversation. In any case, thanks to the life-line, all stitches are now back on the needles, and I am plodding through the two-digit-rows which all begin with a "4" once again...

I sometimes ask my kids, "What did I learn from this?" I now know:
1.) I need a life-line more frequently than every 20 rows
2.) I should not knit lace when I am watching tv
3.) I should not knit lace when the tv happens to be on and I am sitting in the same room with it
4.) I should not knit lace if somebody is talking to me
5.) If the remote control for the tv is missing, and a quick glance around the room does not reveal its whereabouts, I should not put down my lace knitting in the middle of a row and start looking for said remote control.

See, through this project, I am learning LOTS of things about knitting lace.

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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