Friday, April 28, 2006

Rookie mistake, sure...but today I did missionary work!

Dear Laura:

Ok, shawl math looks scary! Better your sharp engineering mind than my fuzzy old one! However, the shawl itself looks like it is coming along beautifully.

Yes, I made a rookie mistake yesterday. In all the frenzy of getting ready to leave the house to run errands and go to playland, making lists, checking supplies, etc, I managed to take off without my knitting! We got to our main destination, and I had to buy a newspaper to distract myself while the girls played. Prime knitting time wasted! And I seemed to pay for it all day. Every other opportunity that I plotted out just didn't happen. Someone fussed, or needed to be fed, or changed - by the end of the day, I still hadn't started the heel of my second sock.

However, I hope I made up for it this morning. We took the kids to a local restaurant that we all enjoy. After I finished my breakfast, I pulled out my sock to work on. (Can't keep nibbling if you have your hands full of yarn!) I looked up to see a lady from across the room standing beside me. She eagerly asked me if I was making a heel, and could I show her how? She looked at the one that was done and the one that I was doing and said, "Oh! I see!" She wanted to make notes from my pattern, but since I can do a standard heel in my sleep, and this was just a variation, I made a few notes and then gave her my pattern to keep.

She was so excited and grateful that she insisted on giving me $5 for the pattern. I didn't want to offend her, but I also couldn't really feel ok about "selling the pattern." Yes, I own the book, but that was my working copy! So, I left the money for the waitress. In the middle of all of this, the waitress stopped by and told us that our breakfast had been purchased by a gentleman at one of the other tables. Turns out he was a friend of the family who had seen them and wanted to do something nice for them. We felt like such celebrities!

Today I think I will work on finishing the heel, but then I'll pick up the blanket to work on. The foot of the sock will be much more portable for tomorrow than the blanket!! I certainly want to have that sock done in the next day or two, and the blanket soon thereafter. I have some pretty yarn that I got last summer at the Michigan Fiber Festival and I will have a new great-niece in a few days who will need something made of it!

Oh...when I told Kathryn that we would be going to a yarn store that is going out of business, she asked me, "Do you really think that is safe??" Safe??? NO WAY!! Safe is for sissies!!

Keep knitting!!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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