Friday, April 21, 2006

No Pictures.....

Dear Laura:

Whew. I'm glad you've posted again since the kitchen pictures. Somehow I feel challenged when you post a pictures of your entire stash, or your messy kitchen or some such thing. I feel I must reciprocate....but I'm not showing my ENTIRE stash to anyone! And I'm a little leery about the kitchen thing....but! We've moved on! Yay! (Plus my camera is on its way via UPS from my parents in KY, so I couldn't post pictures even if I wanted to!!)

I'm anxious to know more about the decrease for that mitten. I'm always up for a new technique - although I'm not sure I want to do it on tiny yarn with tiny needles! I do knit with size 1 or 2 needles fairly often, but those final rounds sound pretty crazy.

My big news is that we need to start planning more yarn crawls and play dates! Yes, I'm heading back to WI! My current plan is to leave Monday after work and spend the next 2 weeks in Kenosha. I'll fill you in with particulars when I get a chance, but meanwhile, let's start thinking about where we might want to "yarn crawl." (Not Troy, ok??)

I'm not going to be buying tho. ^pause^ Come now, that snort was not particularily attractive! Seriously!! This is not about stash enhancement! Although, I'm just gonna say that I do need the laceweight yarn for the baptismal shawl, but that's not stash! And that's the only thing I'll even consider buying. Fine. Laugh. We'll see if you're laughing when YOU'RE the one who spends the most for a change!!


Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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