Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kitchens are not portable

Dear Cynthia,

It has been a very busy day/week. Here is a snapshot of my kitchen. I know you have seen very similar pictures of my kitchen, and not so long ago.

This morning, I had an oil change scheduled for the van. After about half an hour, "the man" came into the waiting area, and you know how it goes from there. Either the work on the vehicle has been completed, or there are other matters which must be addressed before you even think about driving away in the newly-condemned thing. This morning, as my three-year-old and I were waiting, the latter happened. Something about a transmission solenoid, and something else about brakes which would cost an additional $200 to fix if we waiting another 3000 miles and the pads happened to wear clear through to the rotors, so that would be taking a risk. And so, we caved to "the man", and since they had the parts in stock, and we had already driven half an hour to get there, I told him to live it up.

So, an appointment which began at 8:30am, and which was originally expected to take about half hour, suddenly expanded to fill the entire morning. "The man" said that they would probably be able to have us out of there by noon.

Okay, I can be flexible, and when it is just my three-year-old and me, things go pretty smoothly. What I really needed to do was my dishes. I spend an awful lot of my time knitting. So, for a change of pace, what I REALLY would have done if I could have brought my kitchen along with us would have been to clean it up, rediscover the color of the countertops, wipe egg off the floor. Instead, all I had was my knitting. And so, I was "stuck", having to knit the mitten all the way up to the place in which decreases begin for the fingertips. I saw no other option... How do people who don't knit tolerate waiting for indeterminate amounts of time? There aren't a lot of other options which are so completely portable.....

Now, since my kitchen and I are both in the same place right now, I'm really going to clean it!

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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