Friday, February 03, 2006

A Work in Progress

Dear Cynthia,

I decided that if I revealed all of my current works-in-progress to you in one post, it would be too embarrassing for me. And so, I will reveal these items little by little... For example, this sweater only took a couple of weeks to knit, but I have been unable to bring myself to sew on the remaining sleeve:

It is the Campus Coat from the August-October 2005 issue of Cast On magazine. Sorry about being sideways. (I'm having technical difficulties with the disk which is storing the image, and it's late for me, so I'm just maybe having a few technical difficulties myself :-)

Then there's the mitten without a thumb (see post below), and a few other unfinished works yet to be revealed. I'm not sure what my thought process is in getting these items so close to completion and then moving on. I guess that today, I just found the Fana cardigan for my dear son more interesting. Here is the body in progress, knit in the round, with a steek for the center front opening, and two more steeks for the sleeve openings when I get there... Those red threads are holding the stitches for the front ribbings which will be worked as one of the final steps.

Hmmm... Perhaps I should be the work in progress... Perhaps I should try to change my ways and not start new projects until the backlog has been cleared out. I've heard that there might be a knitter or two out there who is able to do that. It's late. I might be delirious. I'm going to try, right here on this blog, in this here cyberspace, on these internets, to hold myself accountable to finish everything I have started before I move on to anything new.

What do you think? Can this be done?

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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