Thursday, February 02, 2006

The hazards of buying birthday presents for people with no memory....

Dear Laura:

Oh my. How embarassing!

On my birthday last week, my dear friend Lauren told me to watch for a package from that would arrive, containing my birthday present from her. Which I thought was SO nice, and then put out of my mind. (You see where this is going, don't you?)

So the other night, when a box arrived containing THE knitting book that I most desired and was most likely to buy for myself, I assumed that (memory being what it isn't) that I had forgotten a back-order. I was so excited about the book that I didn't bother being concerned about such a serious memory lapse. Oh, it was more serious than that!

I gleefully posted about my new book, and still, no bells were ringing in the emtpy cavern of my brain. Until Lauren came over to check if the shipment had arrived, since she had shipping notification from last week....



Cynthia (Designated Knitter)


Lauren said...

Dear Cynthia:

I am so glad you like your book... and don't worry about the little mix up ;-). Just be glad I didn't read your post from the other night! Next time, I will ship it to my house and wrap it for you!!! Now, go knit some socks!

Happy Birthday,

YarnThrower said...

Aging is h@!!, isn't it? Too funny about the book. Kudos to Lauren for knowing when your birthday is, for getting you such a great gift, and for doing it within plus or minus one month of the actual date. I failed on all three counts. Happy belated birthday!!!!