Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finally! The up-side of having short, stubby fingers! No mitten patterns are too short for me..

Dear Laura:

What beautiful mittens! I’m always amazed at the complex patterns that you tackle and how great they look.

I have a “Knit-Bits” calendar (a different knitting quote every day) and today it says:
“Mittens are for fun. They should be knitted in colors that make you smile.” So there! You are so appropriate for today’s calendar.

Ok….philosophically speaking…one sock is only a finished object if you are knitting for someone like my friend Sheree’s husband. He is an amputee, so she’s the only one I know who gets “finished object” status for one sock! (Whenever anyone in our group moans that they still have a “second sock” to go, she offers to just take the first one to Bob and let them start a new project!)

But I did read about a cure for “Second Sock Syndrome.” Knit the second sock first. Then you can knit the first one, which is the fun one anyway! ;)

I am perhaps a stickler for “finished object” status as I am 2 days away from casting-on my project for the Knitting Olympics.

THEY don’t give you FO status until you’ve woven in ends and BLOCKED IT.

I’m starting to get nervous. I’m going to need for you to figure out my knitting schedule so that I am on time. I have decided to make the vest that my nephew-in-law asked for. It is stranded with two colors – a dark green, and a variegated green. I’m using sport weight Blackberry Ridge yarn and a #5 circular. (I think….I forgot to write that in my notes) Aaron has a 43” chest, so I’m making it 48” around, so he has ease to wear something under it.

I have done my gauge swatch, and I need to cast on 264 stitches.

I’m not following a specific pattern, I’m kind of doing a “design as you go” thing. (Mucho scary) I’ll start with a 2x2 two-color ribbing for 3” and then knit a 2x2 spiraling pattern for 16” to the chest. Then I’ll start steeks for the arms and neck. He wants a “henly style,” where you have a button placket at the neck… I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it….

So, I’ll cast on Friday when I get home from work. (The rules state that casting-on may commence at 2:00 pm local time, but I won’t be leaving work early. Save that little trick for if I need it at the end!) Now, weaving ends and blocking have to be done “before the flame goes out” on the 26th. (Hope they’re planning on doing that VERY late in the day!)

So, 16 days. I will have to have it ready to block actually on the 15th, so….how much must I knit per day to finish in 15 days? Oh – from the bottom to the top is 26 or 29 inches. I have to measure him again….

Starting to shake….

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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