Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stopping to stretch....

Dear Laura:

Thanks for your input and encouragement. Today is going better, and I'm not going to stress about the fact that it looks small for another couple of days. I am confident in my gauge, and I do think it is about being crunched up on the needles.

But you have to stop to stretch!!

So I have a "truly finished" object to display. I knitted a fun pair of fuzzy feet for my niece, but they hadn't been felted yet. I haven't been felting in my washing machine because it is a new type - it's a top load machine but the tub is like a front load, so there is no agitator. They say that it isn't as hard on your clothes, which is a plus for laundry, but I'm not so sure about felting. (Or they say is a more correct term!) Plus it locks once the cycle starts, so it's more of a pain to keep checking the project.

I usually use my mom's machine upstairs, but it had been out of commission. When Kayla got here today to clean, I decided to do a quick job on the slippers, and then we formed them to her feet. So here they are, in all their bright fuzzy glory!

Ok, back to knitting now!

Designated Knitter

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