Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mittens that fit!

Dear Cynthia,

Here's a finished object, which I started a very short time prior to my decree about finishing all of my works-in-progress:

It is a scarf (though I'm confident you knew that) for a hat/mitten/scarf drive they are having at dh's workplace for people who need warm winter items.

And, here is a photo of my hand having very long fingers, holding my knitting journal open to the page on which I wrote pattern notes for the Wisconsin Warmer Mittens. My fingers don't look freakishly long in the photo, and in fact, they are not freakishly long. However, they are long enough so that shortly after I was born and my mom asked my dad how I looked, he said, "She's ugly, but she has really long fingers. She'll play the piano." In any case, mittens are one of the items which I always must alter the pattern in order to make them so that they fit my skinny but long hands (good grammar optional, obviously). And because winter has returned (temps back in the 20's, where they should have been for the past several weeks), I took some time today in order to finish the knitting of the left thumb and then weave in all of the ends. So now I have a complete set (shown here in 3D). These are warm mittens! And they fit! And they sort of match, or maybe are just the same colors as, the Norwegian Star hat I made from Hats On. So with these mittens done, that's one less thing I have to finish before I can start any new projects! I'm going to wear them when I go to class tonight. 20 degrees seems so cold to me all of a sudden.

Now a philosophical question. Can this be considered a finished object all its own...
...even if the second one looks like this?
Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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