Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Key to Knitting Fast

Dear Cynthia,

You're correct, that when I'm knitting with two colors, I hold one strand of yarn in each hand. I've tried knitting with both colors in my left hand, using the trick in which the middle finger separates them on the inside, and they both then slide over the top of the first finger. If it had been for more than a couple of rows, I would have required traction, because I still very much favor "throwing" my yarn to "picking" it....so, in fact, I carry whichever color has the fewest stitches (in the row) in my left hand. I also take extreme care to make sure that my carries on the back of the work are quite loose. In fact, often I think they might be too loose, because I really work hard to make sure they allow for a little stretch in the knitted piece. It all seems to come out in the wash, literally..... Anyway, thank you for your very kind comments!

I was glad to hear that you have found a way to switch directions and yet maintain respectibility in the Knitting Olympics! I still commend your extreme efforts and your incredible progress in such a short time, and note that you are in good company with many of your fellow knit-thletes. I'm anxious to see how the Yarn Harlot's sweater looks, and whether or not she will finish on time. I love the pattern she chose, and I actually own that pattern (Dale book 126), so perhaps once my backlog is out of the way..... In the meantime, all I have is this to show you: The start of the second sleeve for the Fana Cardigan. (This sweater marks the beginning of what I think might be a love affair with Dale of Norway patterns.) And, regarding the speed of working on this project, I have three words for you: Child's size 8.

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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