Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of adjusting the schedule and steeks.....

Dear Yarn Thrower:

I believe that we may have to tweek the schedule a bit. Ahem. Day One was not quite the brilliant success I had hoped for - I have not made quite 3" of progress.... Today's goal will be 2" of ribbing. Anything beyond that is gravy! I may have to adjust to 3.5" per day for the rest of it in order to make up for a slow start.

But I have not lost heart! It has occurred to me however, that I do not have a plan for the steeks. Well, unless you consider "knit to the armholes and then deal with it" to be a plan. Perhaps then, o great Master of Steeks, you would consent to be poised to leap in with answers to the following questions.....

How many stitches wide do you think the steek(s) should be?
A steek is just where you take a certain number of stitches and alternate your colors, right?
I can do this, right??????

I have to tell you...the other night when I was paging through some emails, looking for information, my friend Lora was looking over my shoulder. She saw the pictures on the email where you explained why some of your housework was left undone. She was completely amazed and declared that you do incredible fair-isle work! Which is so true, and why I have proclaimed you to be the Master of the Steeks. (It was not just sucking up to get you to help me with them! See!!)

Your humble servant,


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