Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Places I knit

Dear Cynthia,

Your fuzzy feet look so fun (and by "fuzzy feet", I am totally referring to your knitting, and nothing else)! And, the progress for your vest for the Knitters Olympics looks excellent! You "tagged" me at the perfect time: I believe I am suffering from a knitting injury (upper back pain), and am now convinced I totally made the right decision to not enter the olympics, and so now will not have to be subjected to any potentially embarrassing situations involving press conferences in which I explain why I am dropping out now after the games have already started.

In any case, to participate in the "tag", since I don't have a lot of new knitting to show you, and because I have an injury, today I bring you pictures of the places in which today I am not knitting. Here I am not knitting in our recliner. Notice the knitting bag sitting within arms' reach, so it is difficult to just sit there and not knit, but my upper back just hurts so much that it is actually worth trying to restrain myself. Notice also the two "Stitch n Bitch" books sitting on top of the table, which I got from the library, and which I always have something piled on top of in order to keep my dear son, a kindergartener who is reading beyond my expectations, from absorbing a new word into his vocabulary.

Then, here is a picture of the couch, located at an angle, just on the other side of the knitting bag. Notice how all furniture in the room has been placed around the knitting bag. I've read that when decorating, one should find a "focal point" in the room...

Here are the two front seats of our van. Right now I am not knitting from the passenger seat when my dh is driving, generally only on long trips, because though I usually don't actually say, "quiet, I'm counting", I know I give off that aura, so during short trips, I try to focus on other things and be an active participant in my family. Sometimes, too, in special circumstances involving two small boys who are fighting, screaming, or throwing things, and when my back was feeling better, I have been known to knit from the drivers' seat. Prior to the kids and me all piling into the van, all it takes is my utterance of the words "okay, well, I'm BRINGING MY KNITTING ALONG" for my dear sons to say, "Nooooo, Mommy, nooooooo", because they know, then, that they can carry-on forever as we are parked next to the side of the road (and they have done this) and I am doing my own thing (and smiling inside about it) until the commotion has reduced to a level more safe for a mother-on-the-edge to resume driving.

And, here is one more unfinished project, which I will not be knitting today, from all of the locations shown above. It is a cardigan for me, of my own design, rather plain, and it will have a front zipper and be so warm, made out of leftover nubby wool (bulky) from Blackberry Ridge. Unfortunately, there weren't enough leftovers for an entire sweater, so I purchased additional yarn from a different dye lot, so this will also be an exercise in detecting differences in dye lots, and if found, using subtle "stripes" in order to even the color out. More on that potential disaster later.

Well, I'd better stop "sitting" so long, too, as I've read that that could also be causing my upper back pain, so I'll leave you with nice wishes for a Happy Tuesday!

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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