Monday, February 27, 2006

Walking with Scissors

Dear Cynthia,

I'm glad to hear that your Fair Isle hat class was a great success, and that you are spreading the knitting bug toward our ultimate pursuit of world peace. Also, congrats on a great finishing in the short program for your Olympic Knitting. (I'm still anxiously awaiting a full report from the president of the knitting olympics committee. I think she would have won gold, if not for that problem with needle size on the sleeve. B-u-m-m-e-r ! ) In any case, your hat looks so fun, and well done!...and, let's not forget, finished!!

Speaking of "finishing", progress on the Fana Cardigan has been hanpered by real-life events that required more immediate attention (such as illness, dh being out of town for a couple of days, and oh yes, laundry and cooking), though it has not been stalled completely. I blocked the pieces:
Then I stitched four lines of machine stitching along the center front ribbing edges:

Then I cut (**gasp**) the knitting, being extremely careful to not accidently slice through both front and back, which would have been a nightmare only slightly less frightening than one about teaching a class full of 30 people how to do corrugated ribbing complicated by the fact that only seven of them have materials:

I'm currently working on the ribbing and facing for the right side (and since I have a test tomorrow evening, this is prime keep-myself-from-studying-by-knitting time). I'll show you progress on the front edges tomorrow. It's no secret that I don't like the finishing work on knitting projects, and this particular project has a significant amount of it. My son is kind of excited about it, though, so I'm staying motivated to get it completed. Plus, I have my eyes on a couple of my "next" projects which I (repeat after me) "can't begin until my other wip's are finished."

Well, I should go "study" for my test...
Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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