Thursday, February 23, 2006


Dear Cynthia,

My priority this week should have been the test I took last night, and it sort of was, but I've always found that study breaks are very I don't hesitate to take them...which gave me some opportunity to make more progress on my second sleeve for the Fana Cardigan. I've started the star pattern at the top, then will block the pieces, sew some lines on the body, cut it (gasp), and assemble it. Stay tuned...

I'm interested in seeing any results you might have from the students in your class this weekend!! My vote would be to teach them the corrugated ribbing right off the bat (that's how I learned knitting with two hands -- a gentle shove off the edge of a cliff). There will be struggles, there will be very little progress during the first week, but your students will be changed forever. And, on the corrugated ribbing, I'd have them do the purl stitches with their right hand yarn, knitted stitches with the left, unless they've lost their minds and are brave enough to take on purling continental style at the same time, but as I've mentioned before, that would put me into traction.

I'm also dreaming of my next project, thinking possibly something like this in the near future, leaning toward the light blue colorway. How do you think that would look with a crew neckline? Or, possibly hemmed? I know that the turtleneck as shown would really bother my sensitive skin, and I would definitely have to wear a cotton turtleneck underneath it... Of course, that Hardangervidda sweater is also tempting me, though perhaps in more of a medium blue colorway? Any thoughts?

Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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Annie said...

Gorgeous sweater!!!