Sunday, February 05, 2006

Do we really want to look at "unfinished?"

Dear Laura:

Yikes! Unfinished're making me rather nervous here. I've gotten to carrying 3-4 "current" projects that I'm working on, and I seem to be able to fool myself that it's the extent of my UFO stash. I'm not sure that I want to investigate any further.

So, here's what is in the current bag......

My "Harry Potter-esque" scarf. I like the pattern and it's working up so beautifully in Cascade 220...but I didn't go with any Hogswort colors. I'm using STL Cardinals Red with creamy white. I'm making steady progress - the only question is if I can get by with the 2 skeins of red that I have or if I'll need another.

Then there is my first Jaywalker sock

I've got the heel turned....and on of the needles managed to make it's way out, so I have stitches to pick up. Eh, it will get there.

Then there is the pair of orange mittens for my god-son.

I somehow ended up with 2 right-handed mittens and so I have to make a minimum of 1 more - 2 if I'm going to just even it up.

And finally, this ribbed scarf that I've been working on. It's a store sample, and I decided to stop at 2 skeins. It isn't a very long scarf, but it shows the yarn beautifully. It's called "Paintbox" by Knit One/Crochet Two. The colors are actually more subtle in normal light. I've left a row of picot to thread a ribbon through on one side. So, finally, a finished object!

I taught a new knitter on Saturday. She seemed more comfortable with throwing, so that's what I taught her. Her SIL had tried to teach her, so that was kind of what she had an idea of. I had to call someone in to show her how to purl.

I've kind of worked out when I teach someone that I cast on for them, then have them knit a row, and then purl back. I like them to learn to purl right away, so it just seems like more of knitting. I really like for a beginner to do stockinette stitch because it's easier to see and fix mistakes. She did ok with the knit and purl, but she wanted to do her piece in garter stitch, so that's what she's doing.

So, I'm going to have to work up a counter, and we can keep track of new knitters that we teach, and "lapsed" knitters that we bring back to the fold!

Well, that's enough for now - hope you had a good weekend!

Cynthia (Designated Knitter)

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