Saturday, June 10, 2006

Finally Finished

Dear Cynthia,I finally finished the collared zip cardigan, shown here with my most recently completed dish rag. I've posted the pattern for the cardi in the "free patterns" section, including a snapshot of what it actually looks like with a person wearing it.
The other project which is taking me forever to finish is the "big A" sweater (shown here in its current state). I'm going to try to finish it this next week and post the pattern shortly after...

I've also found a new challenge: to determine how many 7-inch-square dish rags may be knit out of one pound of Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Any guesses? Anybody? I'll send a dish rag to the person who comes the closest to the right answer!!

(Hint: Here is what one pound looks like after making three of them...)(....and here is what it looks like before any has been used...)
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


tenizmom said...

I'll guess 6 dishcloths from a lb cone. Your patterns are great! It's nice of you to share, thank you.

Lauren said...

That cone didn't seem to shrink very much after already making a few... I think I am going to say 10 dishcloths.

Unknown said...

I am guessing 7 dishcloths! What a fun blog Thanks for sharing