Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This and that...

Dear Cynthia,

Shawl math: 211 rows of the 890 row border have been completed (almost 1/4). Being a little bit behind on my 60 row per day goal, I am facing the fact that I am not going to have this done in time for my nephew's confirmation on June 25th, which is probably fine, because if I do have it done by then, the weather will be 90 degrees and I'll be sweating just carrying it around, let alone wearing it. And so since this isn't done, my nephew will have me to blame for the crummy 50 degree windy weather we're probably going to have on that day, instead.....and me without my new shawl..... New target completion is the first week in August.

How about this picture? Has it occurred to anybody yet that my degree has nothing to do with art? Better planning of my photo compositions is something that often escapes me me until after I've uploaded the photos to the server and I'm hurriedly trying to post before "quiet time" for the boys is over. In any case, the dark yarn is going to be used to finish the scarf for my dad (shown here in all one inches of its glory -- so there is a bit more to knit in order to "finish" it). I threw in the teal colored yarn just to shock you, since it's soooo not a color I would normally purchase. It is for a special project which I will reveal in its time.....

Last night, as I was knitting away, wondering if I might have possibly spent too much time knitting during the day and not enough time with the laundry, I realized that this coming Sunday is Fathers' Day. Since my dad is out of town, today is the day I have to mobilize to make his gift "happen" on time. And so, this afternoon the boys and I are going to tie dye some T-shirts --one for dh, one for my dad, and one for each of the boys (because they like to dress like their daddy). I'll share the results of that in my next post..... I'd better go read the directions in the tie dye kit now.

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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