Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Off the needles!

Dear Laura:

Ok, I confess, I've been a spaced out co-blogger! So much so that when you emailed to tell me that you were one of the 6 finalists for the Amazing Lace Challenge #2, that was the first that I actually looked at the Amazing Lace site and realized that it is a CONTEST! And that I can vote for you! Doh!

I'm glad that the blue came out of your sweater. It's too bad that it is no longer bright white, but at least it's all the same color again.

Life has been crazy these days. I had gotten to the point that the only time I could count on for knitting during the week was my lunch hour. The last two weeks I've been working through lunches to accrue enough time to have 1/2 a day off for fun events. Even at that, I didn't have enough time to take off and go to the lake cottage that my brother and his family had rented. So, not much knitting progress last week.

But the weekend was another story! I worked at the store Saturday morning, and other than helping with a couple of "troubled projects," I had time to work on the baby sweater. And then 4 hours in the car Saturday going to a birthday party in Ohio....and my dad drove to church, so I got the baby sweater "off the needles" by noon on Sunday! I set it to soak for blocking, and laid it out in the afternoon. I must not have done a good job getting the excess water out tho - I turned it over last night, and am hoping that it will be actually dry when I get home tonight.

The "oops" that I didn't rip out for was noticing half-way through that I had not been working button holes. I think I will try sewn-in-snaps like you used for the felted bag, just a little smaller. Then I think I'll embroider a flower over the spot the snaps are at. Then it will be finished!!

Oh, and I wanted to post this picture of my God-son Richard all wrapped up in his red blankie! They were visiting at my house, and my basement apartment is pretty chilly, so he got all wrapped up for his nap!

Anyway, good luck on your challenge!!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)


Lauren said...

Oh Cynthia, your blanket is so cute with the little guy all wrapped up in it!!!! Great job. I wonder when mine will ever get done, haha.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Never would have thought to make one in "non-baby colors" as it were. What pattern did you make it from? Love it! ~Tricia