Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Did you knit in public??

Dear Laura:

I love your sweater!! I'm glad you're happy with it too - that makes a world of difference...And thanks for all the work you're doing posting free patterns!

Yes, Saturday was WWKIP day! (World Wide Knit in Public) I have a hard time seeing the need for a special day, since I've always been one to knit wherever and whenever I find myself. (The only 2 exceptions are church, and business meetings where they have said, "No, you can't knit during the meeting!") Otherwise "in public" is my knitting ground!

I've knitted in resturants, doctor's offices, hotel lobbies, Major League Ballparks, convention floors, on planes, trains, busses, and subways, at family reunions....ok, and once...well, once in the fellowship hall of the church while waiting for a funeral to begin....

So I don't know how much credit I'll get for my WWKIP activity. The only "public" knitting I did was at a graduation party for my cousin's daughter. However, I can report that at my table, everyone commented that I had been knitting the last time they saw me, and some could even remember the project. "You finished that baby hat at my house that day, didn't you?" "Did you finish the scarf you were working on at the reunion??"

I worked on this hat from the book One Skein. It seemed like a quick project to do for Lydia while she waits for her sweater (it did only take about 4 hours.) I also heard from her mother that her head is too little for the hats that she buys, so I'm hoping this (in a "newborn" size) will fit. I'm still waiting on a report. I used Cottonade yard...I'll have to look up the manufacturer. It is hard for me to knit with cotton, but this yarn is so cute! I'm going to make several more hats, and the baby kimono to have for shower gifts. I just have to space out the cotton knitting!

Once I finished the hat, it was back to the lace Baptismal shawl. I'm up to row 40, and I'm really due for a lifeline, but I would really like to finish this portion of the chart. I know, I know, I will probably regret trying to stretch this out..... It was really nice to switch back to that lovely, wispy yarn after the chunkier cotton. My hands gave a sigh of relief!

Which reminds me - I had quite a teaching adventure last Thursday. I had scheduled a student during "Knit-In" who wanted help with a chunky hat, and while we were working, a student came in with questions about a heel of a fingering weight sock. So, to my left I had size 1 needles and decreases and to my right, size 10 needles and increases! (I'm told there was another student with a question that I handled, but I honestly have no recollection of that!)

So, there's the news for now...

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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