Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's not about the knitting...

Dear Cynthia,

I have some "deadline" projects due, and after suffering some lack of sleep to sew, I'm happy to report that all deadlines will be met.

First: Tie-dye shirts for Fathers' Day. This is a great project for kids! After the boys and I "tied" them using rubber bands and I soaked them in soda ash, we dyed them together out in the front yard using the squeeze bottles in the kit. My five-year-old wanted a double swirl, which proved to be a challenge a little bit beyond our abilities, but it's hard to go wrong with tie-dye. My three-year-old wanted "stripes".In this next photo, the shirt on the left is for my dad. The boys thought his should be a "swirl". The one on the right is for DH. The boys wanted his to be a "sunburst". These were all done using the "Ultimate Tie-Dye Kit" by Rainbow Rock, for approximately $12.00 after using the 40% off coupon at Michaels. It is very important to use shirts made from 100% natural fiber for best color saturation. We used Hanes shirts, 100% cotton, which come in packs of three. I'm not sure my dad will actually wear his, though he can always use it to wash the car. I know DH will wear his, to match the boys, who love to dress like their daddy.

And two more skirts....the short one for me, and the long one for a taller young lady I know who will be going to Europe in a couple of weeks -- a skirt that is SUPPOSED to be wrinkled. I'm a little bit tired of "gathering" for the time being -- the lowest tier on the blue skirt is 176" around. I'm loving the whole crinkled thing, though, and I want a longer one for myself....

And so, off to the post office to get these items in the mail. And next time, we'll return to our normally scheduled blog about knitting.....

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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