Thursday, March 01, 2007

What does a ski band become when it dies?

Dear Cynthia and other friends,

I finished the xo ski band!

It was a bit flimsy, didn't really cover my ears well, moved around a lot while it was on my head, and just didn't look very good while I was wearing it...


I think it was the wrong yarn for this project, maybe just not stiff enough...

And so, it is going to be ripped out, because I decided I might like a nice pair of fingerless mitts. I think I'm the only knitter "out there" who hasn't made a pair yet. I liked the xo cable so much that I'm using that along the length of the mitts. Here's the left mitt in progress. (The right mitt will be the ski band's afterlife.) Please ignore the red mark on my hand which shows where I bumped the inside of the 350 degree F oven last Sunday. Now I have something to **show** the boys when I'm explaining to them that we "don't mess around in the kitchen when Mommy has the oven door open". They respond, "We know that already", though I have no tangible **proof** of that... Anyway, since I'm creating the pattern on the fly, I'll post it on the blog when the mitts are finished, hopefully within the next week. Have I mentioned how soft this yarn is? LOVE LOVE LOVE the angora wool blend!

Other than that, the boys have been checking out Origami books from the library, so we've been spending a considerable amount of time on that. Very fun! Wouldn't the purple flower make a cute gift topper?

The weather here is very gloomy, rainy, sleety, so to complement that, maybe I'll do our taxes tonight...

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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