Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The "before" picture

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

Well, we went to the water park (Jellystone Park, in Warrens Wisconsin, the cranberry capitol of Wisconsin and possibly the world.....) The kids **loved** it, and it was just fun to watch them having such a grand time. My six year old has a few scrapes to show for it, but nobody broke any toes this time, always a good thing.

I really wish I could have attended your destashing party! I thought about explaining to dh that I had to go yarn shopping, and though he is always very supportive, I know he'd be thinking, "why?", and then it would have been even more difficult for me to mention that, oh, by the way, it's a six hour drive to get there..... However, if you have any sock yarn left, I might have an interest in it...just sayin'.

I think that ultimately, I took everybody's advice regarding the beads for the shawl. Thank you so much for your inputs! I started with the medium colored beads and was knitting them in, though after only three of them were in place, I took a look at it and decided that they just weren't fitting with the shawl. For one thing, I think they are too casual for the yarn. For another, I thought they wouldn't be that noticeable if I was to be sitting on them while wearing the shawl, but really, they are. I'm no princess, but beads aren't peas, either, so I decided to back up and take them out. Here is the completed shawl, **not yet blocked**, measuring 63 inches across the top and 31 inches from neck edge to bottom point. Generally, shawls grow about 30% during blocking, so this will probably be a little bit smaller than I had hoped, though still very adequate.

I'm going to wear it on a date with my dh on May 11th. My dh and I go on so few dates since we had kids that I think I've made an entire shawl for each of our (two) big dates during the past year.....

Well, Spring Break continues, and today it is gloomy and cold out. I take the boys to the gym with me first thing in the morning, though, on the days when they're both home, and that makes a huge difference in the way the rest of the day goes. And, my daffodils started blooming! My favorite flower -- the flower of hope!

Have a great day!
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Marie N. said...

It will be lovely -- it is nice that you have its innaugural appearance planned :-)

Elizabeth said...

The shawl is gorgeous! Great work.

I'm kind of glad the weather got crappy again, because I'd hate to leave for CA when it's beautiful here. Our spring break is next week.

Sus said...

Love the shawl! Yeah, it's probably more comfortable with no beads. Have a wonderful time on your date! I hope the weather is better by then. LOL!

Jennifer said...

Like the shawl. Seeing the whole thing, I can see why the beads might not be delicate enough for it.

Hating the grey gloomy weather - which extends over the state line into the Twin Cities. Lots of my co-workers at "the airline (names deleted to prtect the innocent or not so innocent)" are off to exotic locales next week for the kids school breaks here.

Laura said...

I'm so glad you rethought the beads - it is so beautiful on its own! Great job - have fun on your date!

MollyBeees said...

Your shawl turned out great, Laura. The beads would have added too much weight anyway! Keep warm and enjoy the daffodils!