Thursday, September 07, 2006


Dear Cynthia,

I'm glad to hear of your nice trip. And, that blanket looks awesome!! However, very sorry for the demise of your camera....though relieved that you'll fully recover.

I've been telling myself all summer that once school starts for my first-grader, things will slow down a little bit. Ahem. That has not been the case...though I have hope that next week after my exam on Tuesday night, I'll be able to actually focus on something long enough to have real results....knitting, housework, or whatever..... I'm so glad to report that my cough is almost gone, and we all have clean underwear, so perhaps the planets are properly aligning for me to actually dig out of the clutter and vacuum a floor....maybe. There's also all of these knitting projects I'm trying to finish this month.

I finished the knitting on the felted bag which has a strap, and felted it today. Not exactly "knitting progress", because it did not involve picking up any needles today, but it is progress toward a finished product, none-the-less... Baby steps, I guess...

The other day you probably noticed that I posted the pattern for the cabled Christmas stocking. I received an e-mail request for it from somebody who was looking at the pattern for the red stocking w/ satin ribbon and who really wanted to make the cabled version, too, which happens to be in the same photo. I'm just really glad to hear once in a while that others might be finding the free patterns useful. Makes it feel more personal, and a little less like just throwing it out there into some vast bottomless cyberspace.

Anyway, more soon, including *real* knitting progress!

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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