Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Circle Square Triangle

Dear Cynthia,

Knitting has been completed on the "I(circle) LOVE(square) YOU(triangle)" sweater for my four year old for weeks, though I finally wove in the ends today so that I could wash and block it. Here are the pieces blocking. Hmmm...just to note, I didn't weave in the ends which would end up being next to a seam.....I'll use those ends for parts of the seams, or I'll weave them into the seam.....

It's pretty clear that my kids will likely NOT share my interest in knitting...

four year old: Mommy, what are you working on.
me: A sweater
four year old: Look at how I can make my sandwich look like a ship.....

That's fine with me.....more stash for me... In any case, since this is intended to be a Christmas gift, and since my kids would recognize the design on the front immediately, it's good that my four year old didn't inquire any more about it, so I was able to keep the design on the front concealed from him and still work on it in his presence.

I finished the knitting on the secret project (note pink yarn in photo, leftovers from the secret project). It is such a relief to have that done, as it was causing me some stress, because I really wanted to get it done on time.

I've also been working on another I LOVE YOU sweater -- this one for my six year old -- very handy project, because it is so mindless that I may take it anywhere and work with all sorts of interruptions. (I was working on this when I watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Somebody told me I'd really like the movie. Truth be told, I thought the movie was okay, and was thankful to have knitting in my hands, or I think I would have turned the movie off and gone to sleep--though I know the movie is very popular among many others. I'm glad you did the "talk like a pirate" post, however, because watching a movie about pirates is about as close as I'd get to trying to talk like one.) The markers are inserted every ten rows, so that I may tell at a glance how many rows I have so far. I'm anticipating I'll have to be at around 95 rows when the back is done. And so, I'll knit the front the same number of rows..... My dh thinks it is odd that I count everything....and our six year old son does the same thing -- especially with stairs. Anyway, this one is a different color, and only slightly larger...

One more thing. The temperature is dropping, hovering in the low 50's today. I'm wearing a hand-knit bulky sweater, both kids are wearing hand-knit sweaters as jackets when they go outside, and for the first time this season, I have on a pair of hand-knit socks. Can life get any better than that?

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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allisonmariecat said...

The "I love you" sweater looks great! I can't wait to see it finished.

Yay, handknit sock season! I've only made one pair ever, but I have to start wearing them :)