Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It was an...interesting...trip!

Dear Laura:

Actually, I'm just kidding. The trip went very well! Let's see, this was a numbered list last time, wasn't it?

1. & 2. The final plan and all the vehicles. We have a final plan, now that it is in the past. And actually, the Thursday night at 9:00 pm version was pretty darn close. The oldest of my brothers and his wife left in a semi - about 3 hours later than planned, but that's not bad. The youngest brother and his wife and 3 kids left in their van about an hour later than planned. Again, not bad. And the middle brother and his wife and I left in my SUV about 1/2 an hour later, and we had room for almost everything mom & dad wanted us to bring. So, nothing too interesting here.

3. My three sil's and my mom and I worked just fine in the kitchen. Managed to feed everyone all weekend and always had the dishes done and floor swept, so it worked out. Mom & I did the early breakfast shift, since the wives stayed at the hotel until late in the morning. We had quite a few giggles trying to make the big "biscuits and gravy breakfast" on Saturday - we don't do it very often anymore. Back when we did it EVERY Saturday, we could do it with our eyes closed. (And often did!) Mom remarked that we had enough grease going to put everyone into cardiac arrest. I said, "Yeah, but you know it's how we all want to go!"

4. Turned out to be more fun than interesting!

5. Well, I worked on the foot of a sock during the few daylight hours on the trip down (between episodes of falling asleep!) Once I got there, I buckled down and finished sewing the blanket together.
I had a couple of hours of quiet while the sils and the kids went shopping. The rest of my very limited knitting time was spent dinking around with the border. I finally decided on a crochet shell border - it will take about 3 rounds, I think. However, that heavy blanket and worsted weight yarn have been giving my wrists fits, so I haven't done much in the last few days.

The other wrist issue involves trying to climb a dirt pile on top of a hill, and falling up! (It was not nearly as dignified as it sounds!) No serious injury to me, just an extra ache in my wrist and thumb joint. But my digital camera suffered a fatal blow. I have the pictures that I had taken until then, but it has snapped its last.

Guess that's the recap of the weekend!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Marie N. said...

Welcome home,

I'm glad you got some fun R & R with family. The blanket is fantastic! Did the recipient get to see it yet?

So sorry about the camera -- that loss is hard to take. Hope your aches and pains recover quickly.

Designated Knitter said...

Thanks Marie! It feels great to sleep in my own bed again.

My niece lives a couple of hours away now, so she hasn't seen it at this stage. Once I complete it, I'll drive down to visit her and give it to her in person.

I may have to take the picture with my camera phone - but I'll survive!!