Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Foulard Finished

Dear Cynthia,

I've had this completed for a couple of days, and finally got around to blocking it this morning. (It must be in the mail for a birthday gift in the next few days.) It is from the Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book, and a nice, mindless project. Finished dimensions after blocking are 57" x 57".

It is made with KnitPicks Shimmer (two hanks), which is an alpaca/silk blend. I enjoyed knitting with this yarn, though I had to be very careful that the rings on my fingers didn't get caught on it. It is a very loose fabric, and the stitches were easily pulled. I am hoping that blocking it allowed the fibers to "grab" a little bit so that the pulling isn't as much of an issue. (If I was going to make it again, I'd probably use some merino from Morehouse Farms, because I think that would "stick" in place better.) I'm going to sew a quick little "pouch" to keep it in so that the recipient will be able to just throw it in her purse and pull out as needed when cool, such as in a movie theatre, on a porch, or during a walk.

I have a big exam tonight, but after that should have more knitting/blogging time.

Speaking of "time", here is the clock I just picked up today. DH and I ordered it as our 10-year anniversary gift to each other. It has real clock-works in it, and real chimes, which play every 15 minutes, plus the striking on the hour. I really love it. It was difficult to find a mantel clock having real (non-electronic) clock works with a depth which would fit on the bricks which jut out of our fireplace wall to form mini-mantels. It is a Hermle, and did I mention I love it! Now the trick will be remembering to wind it once a week....

There is so much I want to "talk" about, and here is a short list of things to come:
  • Finishing my bag pattern, including the needle felting design on the front of it
  • Adding a lining to the felted bags I've been making
  • The first "I love you" sweater (which has knitting completed, just waiting for me to "finish" it)
  • The second "I love you" sweater (which hasn't been started yet)
  • A top-down pullover with short row shaping on the upper back so that the neck is higher in back than in front, which I'll make by following a pattern in a book I have
  • The Leaf Lace Shawl
  • A "Brooks Sweater" ala Elizabeth Zimmerman, except I'll be revising the pattern so that I may use my new dk weight 1500 yards of yummy hand-painted MERINO!@!!!
Anyway, for now, back to studying..... More soon!
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Marie N. said...

You are teasing me with future topics! Good luck on the test.

Cindy G said...

Laura, the foulard is lovely. It looks like it has a wonderful drape, and the stow away pouch is a great idea. Lucky friend!

Designated Knitter said...

It is a beautiful shawl! I love the colors....but then, that should surprise no-one....


allisonmariecat said...

Beautiful foulard! I love the colors, and it's so delicate and drapey.