Friday, August 22, 2008

This week has flown by!

So, I posted my plan for the meeting at church last Saturday. I decided to cast on socks for my God-daughter Renata, who requested them when I visited them over Memorial Day. She requested "pink and purple, please!" I purchased the yarn last month, and this seemed a good time to cast on. Here's a picture of my gathered materials, all ready to go.


I'm not going to take up the needed bandwidth to post a picture of my progress during the meeting. Just look at the picture again! Didn't knit a stitch! However, it was a productive meeting, and that's what counts. There was a clear agenda, a schedule, and goals to achieve. The meeting ended up being an hour longer than expected, but that hour was used to iron out the calendar of events for the next year, and was worth the extra time. So, kudos to our congregation's president for a job well done!

I have managed to work on the socks since then tho, and so I have progress to report. I wanted to do toe-up socks, and the pattern that you pointed out to me in the
Summer 2007 Interweave Knits is such a great resource for that. This yarn is fairly colorful (!) so I wanted a simple pattern that wouldn't get lost in the busy-ness. I went to my standard fall back stitch pattern, garter-rib. I like the look so far! I had to have a 3-hour insulin resistence test this week, so between blood draws I was able to get to the heel of the first sock.


AND, since one of the lab techs was interested in my knitting, I was able to do some evangelizing for several local yarn shops!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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