Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still no Kate.....

Greetings and Dear Laura:

Wow - 7 weeks already! GO you! Now, is there any down time between session? Will you get a week or so off now and then? Cute dishcloth! I can't believe you still have yarn left on that cone. You're sure getting your money's worth on that.

I didn't get Kate done last night. (And yes, I did have another nap - but it was short!) She does have ears and arms tho!


Yesterday was a bit weird for me, altho I'm hoping that my fellow knitters can follow my "logic." My sil and I were planning our weekly trip to Weight Watchers, and she mentioned that she wanted to pick up something from "the health food store that is by the yarn store that you took me to."

Well, that's all it took. 2 words. "Yarn store." It set me thinking.....Oh, I'd like to go there. What would I look for? Well, I do need some pink & purple yarn for those socks Renata asked for. I wonder if they have any? Ok, I have to go and see what they have." Next thing I knew, I determined that they close at 5 on Wed, so we couldn't go together after the meeting, so obviously I had to leave work 15 minutes early so I could get there before they closed! Talk about a leap of logic!
At least I found the sock yarn. Colinette Jitterbug, Alizerine colorway. It's beautiful!


Of course, they also had Noro Kuyreon, and I'm down to needing just 5 skeins for the blanket....well, 2 skeins now. I have a list of particular colorways, and I had planned to buy these three, and since they had them...well, I have no defense of this purchase, but hey! It's yarn! It makes me happy!



So, anyway, that's the news from here. Napping and knitting, throw in some new yarn. Oh, and no offense taken that you rooted for the Brewers. What offended me was that they swept us! Yikes. Oh well, you win lose some....

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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Lauren said...

poor Kate... still all legless and earless... sniff. :-)

Wow only 2 more skeins for your blanket???? Thats awesome!!!! And then all you have to do is knit it! LOL