Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Keeping busy......

So, event-wise, I had a few quiet days after the Anniversary party, which was much needed. My parents left on Tuesday to go back to their place in Kentucky, so it was nice and quiet. Until the next weekend, anyway!
I went to a surprise 30th birthday party for my nephew-in-law. I had a really nice time, and even enjoyed the 3 1/2 hours in the car.


On the way home, I spent most of an hour talking on the phone to Ruth! (She is knitting, by the way! And just got back from a trip to Peru - they had a really nice time. She highly recommends it as a travel destination.)
The other fun that weekend (and the following week) was a visit by my niece and great-niece from Texas. Josie was born last March and we hadn't gotten to see her yet! Her approval rating was very high - her grandfather declared her "a keeper!"
See?? She's a very happy baby, and she was a very good traveler. They spent 10 days here and it was a really fun time. We had a family get-together the second weekend they were here, which makes three big family party weekends in a row! Can't beat that kind of fun!

Dad had meetings and appointments in KY, so they weren't able to come home during that time. I volunteered to meet them 1/2 way to bring mom here so she could at least get to meet Josie. At first dad was reluctant to do that drive, but when I arranged the meet to be in Louisville, I knew I had him! There is a resturant there that serves a "fried lobster." It's his favorite thing ever. Let's just say that once on his way from KY to his cardiologist in Indy, while having chest pains, he stopped to have a fried lobster. (Yes, we see the problem there!) I had never had one, but I won a bet last fall, so he owed me one. I can see why he loves it, but I'm not going to be making that 4 hour drive just to have one!


Since mom was home for over a week, I lent her my car to drive so that she could take advantage of being so close to all her kids and grandkids. She spent a couple of days at the lake with my youngest brother's family, and got to hold lots of babies! While she drove my car, I borrowed my brother's "beater Mercedes." It has been quite a few years since I drove that quality (or lack thereof) of car. I adjusted to the most of the quirks pretty quickly, although I gave up on it the day that the driver's door handle came off in my hand, requiring me to go the passenger side and crawl across! Fortunately, that was a Friday, and over the weekend they repaired the door handle AND fixed the driver's side window, so that I had TWO windows to use. My favorite feature is the "clock."
There is a wristwatch hanging from the air freshener! (It was 10 minutes fast - I was going to be helpful and reset it, when I realized he might be late if he had in his head that he had the extra time!)

Mom turned 76 last Wednesday, and by happy coincidence, my brother had a cow that needed to be butchered, so he supplied fresh liver for our traditional birthday dinner menu of Liver & Onions. Yummm! We all went together and got her a canopied swing, which they'll enjoy using to sit outside before the sun goes down and the mosquitoes come out!


By this time, mom had been home for a full week. She and dad do not tolerate being apart for any longer than that, so she put me on notice that if no one else would take her home, I'd better start packing! Having just had a fried lobster, dad wasn't that excited about driving half-way, so on Friday afternoon I drove her home, spent the night, and then drove back on Saturday. I've had another wee bit of quiet time, which I've enjoyed, and I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend. (Alert - more excitement is coming soon!)

I'm going to stop this post here, because it's gotten longer than I had planned. Up next, Cynthia forsakes project monogamy and embraces lace with reckless abandon! (At least there will be knitting content!)

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)

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