Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time is fleeting....


Well, I made another trek to Cass Street Depot today. Judy and Lauren and I made did a lunch-run - possibly our last.

Lauren had gone yesterday and picked up some Lambs Pride Bulky and Cascade 220. She decided to pick up another of the Cascade 220 to be sure she had enough.

Judy was looking for some Lambs Pride Bulky and a trim yarn for a cute sweater for her grand-daughter. She also picked up the needles she'll need....

I....let's say that I resisted more than I did not. I picked up some stitch markers and 3 balls of a superwash worsted weight in white. My friend of the blog "Not Worthy" used this yarn to make a baby blanket for her Godson. His mother was quite excited about the "superwash" part! I thought she made the blanket with 3 skeins, but when I got ahold of her she said that she used 4 in the end. I may pick another up - else I can make a couple sweaters for mothers who will be happy to not handwash something for a change!

I resisted:

Cascade 220 and Lambs Pride Worsted. Those are my go-to yarns, but I didn't have anything specific in mind.

Dream Colors Worsted - I love these colors, but they were out of the blue, I loved the green....but even at 25% off - a bit pricey.

Dream Colors Sock - well, I have the brown which may be for my sock pal...and they only had a mustardy-yellow color besides, and I couldn't see me wearing that particular shade of sock.....

There were several other sock yarns that tempted me...and of course, the Koigu. But I can get Koigu at full price anytime either online or on a trip through Chicago....

So see???? I resisted HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of yarn.


Keep knitting!!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Jessica said...

What a beautiful store! It's a shame to see it go. (I think you and Lauren should buy it...)

Lauren said...

I am going back again today. Hahahaha.... I wish Cynthia won the lottery so she could buy it, she would be a great store owner. Also, she could give me discounts. ha!