Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another month has gone by already???


Oh my.....April is gone? How did that happen?????

I'm sure you're feeling the same way - you had a very busy April - I'm so happy that you've finished your test, and I'm anxious to hear the result!

Guess it's time for the usual review-and-goal-setting post!

I started April with an almost-finished project, the Toddler Sweater for my LYS. I did finish and deliver that early in the month.

It was an "a-ha!" moment for me. Someone asked me if I was happy with the finished project, and I replied that it was the best possible result - the finished sweater looked just like the picture in my head as I was designing it. The picture developed while I was swatching, and by time I cast on, I could see it. I've decided that is the reason that knitting is my creative endeavor. Other arts I've tried - drawing, painting, sculpting, carving - the result does not look like the vision. But in knitting, besides the tactile enjoyment and the relaxing motions, the vision is truly expressed in the result. (Ok. Usually! ;) )

I was working on some "
Mason-Dixon Knitting" projects for a bridal-shower gift. The washcloth that I attempted completely defeated me, and I pulled out an old favorite pattern and made two "Flower-Power" washcloths instead. I made 3 of my own "Soap Sweaters" (although I'm completely unable to knit a pattern "as written," even if it is my own pattern!) I added a cute cable detail on a couple of those!

I tried for a felted box and a cotton bathmat, but knitting with large gauge is simply too painful. My arms and wrist won't really tolerate anything larger than worsted weight and size 8's. I bought a little basket and a bundle of washcloths and put it all together for my "centerpiece!"

I did another commission project - this Lady Bug hat.

The pattern is from Fiber Trends, and I used Cascade 220. It went fairly quickly and it was an enjoyable knit.

That left working on my two long-term projects, the Dale of Norway baby sweater and the graduation gift blanket. Both of those did see progress this month...but then the "drop-in" projects started coming!

I did a quick square from the Lizard Ridge afghan from Knitty - also a commission project.

And then last week I got an invitation to my great-niece's 1st birthday party. I announced that I really didn't have time to knit something but her grandmother re-iterated that she needed some spring/summer type hats and she really liked the ruffled one that I made in March. So I whipped up a yellow hat using some stash yarn, and then a white hat....and I changed up the pattern on that one - I'll be posting more about that down the road.

And my mother thought maybe she'd like to commission a gift for the I'm wildly knitting on an Elizabeth Zimmerman "
Surprise Jacket." The party is tonight at 6:30, and I've accepted it as a given that I will not have it completed. The sleeves are sewn up and the front stitches are being held on yarn. I'll have some time to finish working around the bottom and put that on a holder as well so that I can wrap it. Then I'll need to have it back to knit the last 6 rows and put buttons on it.

Yes, I'm "not quite right!"

May goals are quite simple.

1. Finish this birthday sweater
2. Work on the graduation blanket
3. Finish the Lady Bug Sweater
4. Finish second sock of a pair that has languished
5. Start socks for Sockapalooza 4


Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)

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