Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bereft, Bereaved, In Mourning......

Dear Laura:

It is the end of an era! I went to our finest LYS, Cass Street Depot in Fort Wayne and heard the news that they are closing.

When I first walked in, I noticed that the Koigu section had just been restocked (I'd been waiting for that!) but someone else was browsing there, so I headed to the sock section. Then I overheard someone asking if the Koigu was on sale, and she (oh, I forget her name....) said that it's not, it just came in.

So I wandered over and asked what IS on sale, and she replied that, well, everything. That I would be hearing in a few days anyway, but that Sandy has decided to close her business. I was shocked, and I asked when, and she said "End of May. Before that if possible."

I didn't ask why - that seemed nosy somehow, but I did hear her talking to someone else, and they said, "Well you can certainly understand, I hope she enjoys herself," so I had the impression that she's ready to stop owning a store. As I hear more, I'll let you know.

I was a jumble of emotions - mostly I wanted to sit down and cry. And felt kind of strange buying yarn, like taking advantage of a mis-fortune. But hey. The words "yarn" and "sale" together - that will cut through any emotional fog!

I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my purse, and I kept looking around at yarn I'd been "mentally buying" for the last months.....and even tho I really shouldn't spend any money on yarn right now - IT'S GOING AWAY.

So. First of all, on sale or not - the two red colorways of Koigu that I've been eyeing for a scarf. And 2 skeins of green because I've never made myself Koigu socks.

Then a skein of the pink that I'm using in my niece's blanket, because I THINK I have enough, but if I don't....and the two orange skeins were in the clearance bin and I've wanted to make them into mittens since I first laid eyes on them. And I can't seem to keep myself in #2 DPN's and I have several new knitters that I want to gift Chibi's to.

And finally, sock yarn. Dream Colors in a soft brown colorway, and Colinette hand-dyed in a rich green color. Picking out which yarn (either of these two or from my stash) will actually be for my sock pal is more that I can say right now.

I just can't believe it!!

Keep knitting....

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Lauren said...

I am so sad. I still can't believe they will be closing. And it's the ONLY LYS in the Fort! Ugh!!!! Now I will be stuck with Michaels yarn and walmart yarn... noooo. You are lucky you still have several yarn stores close to where you live... I will have to roadtrip it from now on. :( R.I.P. Cass Street.

Marie N. said...

A sad end to an era. You'll remember the times there with fondness when you are knitting up the yarns you bought and wearing the items you make for yourself.

kelpkim said...

that definitely sucks when an LYS sucks. especially if it's the ONLY one in your town! augh.
hang in there. well, just think of all the great places you can visit and buy yarn from with the excuse that now, you have to get it where you can! :o) xoxo.