Friday, May 11, 2007

Always fun....


Well, we are still anxiously awaiting the appearance of my niece. The official due date is May 15th, although her parents have always thought that was a little early. The doctor is starting to be convinced, because my sil is not showing signs of being within a few days of delivery. (Of course, she'll pick her own time to come and not care what either the doctor or her parents think!)

Since determining that the lady bug sweater is going to be more of a size 2T than 12 months, I'm taking a quick "crochet break" to have a little cotton sweater to give to her when she's born.

It's been kind of fun, doing something so different. It was funny to discover that while in knitting, I usually need to go DOWN a needle size to get gauge, in crochet I need to go UP a hook size! What's that about???
It was neat when turning from the chain row to the first row, and "seeing" my grandmother's hands over mine, showing me which stitch to start in. And remembering doing similar projects for the first three of my nieces and nephews, because they were born before I became a knitter.
I always remember crocheting a yellow sweater while waiting beside the phone to hear that the very first one, Drew, had been born. Oh memory lane!! Twenty-five years later, I'm crocheting a white & yellow sweater and waiting for Missy!

Just a funny note - about 6 weeks ago I switched satellite companies. I'd been happy until late last week when the local channels began breaking up, and finally quit altogether. It took me awhile to call, but today was the scheduled service call, thinking that the wind from last week had messed up the alignment. My parents are home for a quick trip, so I didn't have to leave work. My mother e-mailed me the following note:
"The TV is fixed and working fine. The problem was that when they installed the dish, the tree was bare naked. Now it has leaves! I think Ned said he had to put it on the roof."

That was my chuckle for the day!!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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kelpkim said...

that is so funny about the tree and the leaves--it's good to know that your tree is doing so well! :o)