Monday, November 20, 2006

See, cow farmers should all have knitters in their lives.....

Dear Laura:
Greetings from Indiana! Where I've lived...all of my life!! (I followed back some comments, and found some curiosity about whether I am, like you, a Wisconsin native.) Alas, it is not so, I am but a Dairy State Wanna-be.
I really had to laugh when I saw this story. I mean, I just posted about the cow sling that I knitted, and two days later I find another cow in need of one! I mean, my sling worked - it held up a cow.
I had such grand knitting plans for the weekend, also some housecleaning ambitions. I did get the kitchen floor scrubbed - that was a "have-to" job, and my laundry is current, so that's something.
On the knitting front, I made a few inches of progress on my feather-and-fan scarf. (Please excuse the nasty picture quality. I've had to accept the fact that camera on my cell-phone is going to be it for awhile, so please carry the apologies forward.) I'm using Freedom Spirit yarn by Twilleys of Stamford. I love the colors and progression in this yarn (please ignore the ball-band in the picture, I accidentally grabbed the wrong one...)
I worked on this scarf Friday evening, and at one point discovered that I was 2 stitches short in a row. The bad part about this pattern is that the pattern row is followed by 3 plain rows. So by time you notice that you made a mistake in the pattern row, you have to rip back 4 rows to try again. Ah, but I'm not gonna mess with all that, you see. I'd already done that a couple of times, and this could take forever, so I just picked up 2 stitches at random intervals and moved on. Eight rows later, I looked at the scarf and thought it looked a little lopsided on the right side....but that will work itself out. Four more rows...hmm, really, it looks lopsided...two more know, this is totally not going to work.
RIP sixteen rows instead of 4.........
And now it's better.
Also, here are some bad pictures of yarn that I recently acquired. First is a ball of Louisa Harding yarn that I picked up to make a baby hat with. I saw this knitted up at my LYS and loved it, so I had to snag a ball. I'm hoping I'll get one of the baby girl's names in the Christmas exchange. We'll draw on Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed.

Then these are the yarns that I'm using for my niece Kayla's graduation blanket. I'm doing a slip-stitch pattern with the chocolate brown Cascade 220 Heather as the main color. The contrasting pink variegation is a hand-paint by Dream in Color. It costs twice as much as the brown - but I need less of this than the brown, so I'm closing my eyes and jumping off that cliff.
Well, that's it for now. Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Fort Wayne Knitting Guild, which means I'll be meeting a few fellow knitters for sushi before heading for the Depot. Hmmm, sushi.....
Keep knitting,
Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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Marie N. said...

My sympathies with the ripping back rows on the scarf. You will be happier with the result though!

I need to thank this blog again for teaching me about lifelines. They were a sanity saver when I made my over-the-knee stockings these last few weeks.