Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do I need re-hab?

Dear Cynthia,

Last Friday, my six year old had the day off from school. And so, the boys and I drove to Milwaukee to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa and go to the new Discovery World (hands-on science museum) they've built on the Lakefront. It was a very fun place to go, though not completed yet, but there was still much to do.

As we were having a late lunch at a nice pizza place, dh called me from Madison and said that the roads in Madison were already getting slippery, and there were driving advisories for areas west of Lake Mills, and I may want to think about staying with my parents for the night to avoid driving in treacherous conditions. And so, the decision was made to stay over in the Milwaukee area. Hmmm..... I hadn't expected to have any "down time" during the day, so I had left all of my knitting in Madison. Hmmm..... What's a girl to do? The boys and I stopped off at a Michael's craft store which we passed on the way to my parents' house so that I could buy yarn, and they could each get a coloring book to help keep them occupied for the rest of the day. When we got to my parents' place, it occurred to me that we didn't have any toothbrushes, or any extra clothes, no toothpaste, etc. However, as far as knitting went, I was all set. Am I addicted? Misplaced priorities?

Anyway, it was fun for the boys to have to "rough it" unexpectedly, and we easily made it back safely the next day.

So, what yarn did I buy at Michael's? Take a look at this picture. "One of these things is not like the other...." If you guessed that I'm making acrylic mittens now, even though I have two very nice pairs of wool mittens, you are correct! Though I don't have an allergy to wool, it still very much irritates the skin on my hands, so I thought I'd make a pair of close-fitting acrylic mittens to wear on their own when it's not so cold, and to wear under a pair of looser-fitting wool mittens when the temperatures really drop.

And, big news on Hardangervidda! I've divided for the neckline. I thought about adding some steek stitches so that I could continue knitting in the round, but most of the rows have one color only, and I figured out that of the remaining multi-color rows, only two of them will have to be worked on the purl side.

Well, lunch time here, so more updates later!

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Designated Knitter said...

You do not need rehab. Your reaction was perfectly normal and correct.


Cool mittens....

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't see what the problem is. Knitting is indispensible, but you can always brush your teeth with your finger, right? Seems reasonable to me :)

Sweater is looking very sweater-like! You're getting close...

Marie N. said...

I understand the need for knitting. It is either that or a good book. And the kids needed something to occupy them too.

These impromptu overnights make good memories for the little ones.

Elizabeth said...

You have your priorities completely in order as far as I'm concerned.

Love the sweater progress.