Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not knitting....

Dear Laura:

Ok, it's a good thing that I'm not the one trying to knit 3 sweaters in 3 months! Yikes, I have SO not been knitting lately.

The weekend before last was a wonderful time even tho no knitting took place! My parents came home on Wednesday evening and I enjoyed having them home. Mom really helped me with getting ready for weekend houseguests, and so preparations went very smoothly. On Friday, my friends from Kenosha arrived in time for supper. It was a wild time, going from just me to having 4 adults and 3 kids around. I have to say I really enjoyed that, and it was WAY too quiet after they left.

Sunday evening we had a fire for roasting marshmallows, and I invited some mutual friends to come and expand the party. There were 3 of us knitters there, but we restrained ourselves since we were in the company of muggles.... ;) Besides, s'mores and yarn do NOT mix!

Everyone was gone by Tuesday evening, but I spent most of last week getting ready to travel to KY to stay with my parents over the weekend. I worked through my lunches to accumulate time off for Friday afternoon, so there was no knitting then. When I got to my parent's house on Friday evening, I picked up the double-knit hat that I'm working on. I only got a couple of rounds, however, before my hands started tingling and getting numb. I had more trouble that usual while sleeping as well.

Since I was busy during the day setting up a filing system for my mom, I just decided not to knit while I was there, and give my hands/wrists a break. I'm hoping to pick back up tonight and have more progress to show. This is just NOT the time of year to be on the disabled list!

I love the yellow scarf and its story. Gotta love when someone knows EXACTLY what they want, and are even willing to draw it out for you!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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