Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not your "grandma's rummage sale yarn"

Dear Cynthia,

Love, love, love the cow sling!

You probably have told me, but if so, I can't recall (I've been told that having children and breast-feeding them sucks the cells right out of a mother's brain)..... Which pattern are you working on for your niece's afghan?

And, I also just want to thank our kind commenters! It's so nice to have a sort of knitting bunch via blog-land!! And, nobody else appreciates my knitting the way other knitters do, so I'm very thankful whenever I read a comment!

On to business..... After prompting by my four year old to "please work on my scarf tonight", I finished the yellow scarf last night, and he loves it! He wore it today, and the smile on his face just warmed my heart. He walked up to some other moms and said, "Did you see my new scarf?" My four year old is a pleasure to knit for. He loves the things I make for him, and wears them all the time, and has never complained that anything I've made for him is "itchy". (Okay, so maybe he is the only person who actually does appreciate my knitting the way other knitters do....)

Last weekend, my mom came to Madison along with her quilting cronies, and they let me tag along with them to go to a few of the quilt stores in the area. It was very fun, and it's pretty neat to see my mom hanging around with such fun ladies. One of them is a bit of a knitter/crocheter, though she doesn't really knit much any more, so she is getting rid of a lot of her knitting supplies. She has adopted me as her "crafting daughter", and this past week gave me six hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn (sport weight), four skeins of Patons Merino, and several knitting books, to which I responded, "Wow!" I've never even purchased Lorna's Laces for myself, though I've admired it in the stores..... This is NOT the typical Red Heart smelly basement clean-out stuff! When I offered to pay her for it, she just mentioned that she might like a pair of purple socks, and this is one of the patterns she likes. And so, socks it is, and I am quite happy to make them for her! ...leading me to my next topic.....

I'm scaling back on the three sweaters in three months challenge. I think the gift sweaters are doable (the Hardangervidda, and the blue "circle square triangle" sweater), but the one for myself in which I'm having to invent new ways to add ten inches to the front of a piece of knitting which shrunk while sitting in my yarn basket is going to have to wait...probably until after I may actually finish my gift sweaters, and also a pair of mittens, and did I mention I'm anxious to knit some socks?!

Well, back to it!
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Elizabeth said...

Hey, that's my line, about breastfeeding turning brains into milk. It's true! You grow a few back over the years after you stop, but really, the damage is mostly done and you have mommy brain forever. But the kid is SO smart, because he got all your brain cells!

Lauren said...

The scarf is so cute! I wish i had someone so easy to please to knit for... ;-)

Marie N. said...

What a nice windfall! And a lovely sock pattern. They look like they would be very satisfying mo make.

Maybe almost as satisfying as that yellow scarf :-) Did he help you dye the yarn? I was just thinking about what a nice memory he will carry around with the scarf.