Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm still not doing Christmas knitting, ok??

Dear Laura:

I am still holding firm in my resolve. Instead of the usual always-expanding-list-of-items-that-I-plan-to-knit-for-Christmas battling the constantly-diminishing-amount-of-time-remaining-before-Christmas, I am sitting out the whole Christmas knitting madness.


The following is the current list of knitted projects that I am NOT knitting as Christmas gifts (but am secretly hoping to have done....NO, stop the madness!)

1. Feather and Fan scarf for mom (note that this pattern does not lend itself to multi-tasking. You answer a question while knitting a pattern row, and....it's just not pretty.)
2. Warm brown hat for middle brother
3. Socks for middle SIL (they are always doing something for me!)
4. Fuzzy feet for niece-who-is-also my beautician
5. Tech guy socks with the Apple logo for my Mac-pusher friend
6. Angora baby hat....you know, we draw names for the exchange on Thursday, and if I get one of the baby girls...and then I could do a little sweater or some socks, or mittens....

I would also note that while Christmas is 34 days away, only one of these projects is even on the needles.

Nope. No crazy Christmas knitting here. Has anyone seen my meds? There has to be a treatment plan for this......(mumble, mumble....)

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


YarnThrower said...

Glad to see the list of projects which you are *not* knitting for Christmas gifts! I'm looking forward to *not* seeing any photos of the finished objects.

Now, if you divide up how much knitting you have, and then determine what you *wouldn't* have to complete each day in order to get *nothing* done before Christmas..... That would *not* be a strategy for creating a schedule.....

Lauren said...

Eeek! Everyone stop talking about Christmas knitting!!!!!!!! *panic attack*

Anonymous said...

Laura and Cynthia,
thanks for your entertaining blog. I stumbled across the cabled christmas stocking pattern from another page and it brought me here. I look forward to future reads.