Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Parts is Parts

Dear Cynthia,

Let the finishing begin.

Here are three sets of sweater components, that is, three sweater bodies, and six sweater sleeves. If I can get all of this stuff put together (and right now it's looking pretty good), I will have my initial wave of Christmas knitting completed. The brown sweater has been done and blocked for a while; the other two sweaters are the ones I've just completed knitting, so they both have the usual weaving in of ends and blocking. Obviously, all sweaters require the dreaded **seaming**. Yuck. But, anyway, then end is in sight. Yay!

I said this is the "initial wave", because of course, now I'm having thoughts of making little matching teddy bear sweaters for my boys' teddy bears using the leftover yarn from my boys' sweaters, and a couple of hats and socks, etc.... Lunacy.

In other news, a couple of days ago I had an interesting conversation with my six year old.

Son: Mommy, I'm in a band. I really am.
Me: Really. Who else is in the band.
Son: Jake, Coby, and Derek (or some subset of kids in his class)
Me: Hmmm, what instrument do you play?
Son: Electric guitar (though, I'm not sure he knows what that is)
Me: You're taking piano lessons. Is there some reason you're not on keyboard?
Son: I think somebody else is playing that. We're going to play for Lauren and Allison. Mommy, I tried to kiss Lauren on the lips. I really did.
Me: Oh? Do you like Lauren?
Son: No, not really.
Me: Then why are you trying to kiss her? (Trying to nip fraternity behavior in the bud...)
Son: Because Jake and Coby did.

And so it seems my son had left the house in the morning as a first grader, and returned home as a freshman. I reminded him that I think it is best for now if he only kisses people in his family. He seemed okay with that. Perhaps I can teach him about the power of the wink, instead ;-)

There are so many questions a parent has, especially as the first kid is growing up and getting more independent. Two weeks ago, a man called me to ask if my six year old would be available to play with his son later in the day, and this man said he'd come pick him up at this time and bring him home at that time, etc. It caught me off guard, so I agreed and hung up. Then, I remembered that I do not know this person, and this person might have guns in his house, etc. And so, I phoned back to say that I was going to be out with my son anyway, and could easily drop him off at this friend's house (so that I could at least have a little understanding about their home) and by the way, do you have any guns? (They didn't.) I felt foolish asking the question, but I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if anything had happened. Anyway.....the trials of a paranoid mother trying to protect her child in a crazy world without denying him the independence he needs to develop, etc.....

I know I'm going to need therapy at some point (and I'm quite certain my kids will). For now, I knit.

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Laura, those three sweaters together look so impressive! What is your favorite way to get through seaming? Yesterday I happened to review the what-to-do-if-you-find-there-is-a-gun-in-the-house instructions with my 12-year-old, since maybe I won't remember to ask the parents, maybe they won't tell the truth, and of course later on he'll be going places without having me help make the plans. He said, "I know what to do. I very, very, very politely say that I forgot something that I needed to do at home, and politely leave." I told him that he could call to have me pick him up, and he didn't like the thought of waiting even a moment! Now I have to worry about my son suddenly being stranded somewhere, wandering the streets, not in the house I thought he was in. The joys of parenting. Knitting has it's difficult parts too, like seaming, but it's so much more predictable...

Elizabeth said...

I tell my sons that if they ever see a gun at someone else's house, they should immediately get a grown up to put it safely away. It is scary.

When my older guy was in kindergarten a boy in his class invited him to play for the first time, and next I know, the parents have extended the invitation to overnight. We declined that part of the invitation.

Marie N. said...

The sweaters look great!

Could the Teddy Bear sweaters be birthday gifts?

I feel funny asking moms of teen girls who don't know me very well if they would like to come over for coffee before they let their teenage daughter babysit my children in my house. I have been lucky to need teenage sitters only occasionally, and relative-stranger teens even less often. But when *my* duaghter is the babysitting teen I will want to be *very comfortable* with her employers.

Lauren said...

Please tell your son to stop trying to kiss me. He is a cutie, and his band rocks pretty hard (I am a groupie), but maybe just tell him to call me in, oh... 20 years or so. Thanks.


allisonmariecat said...

Wow, you did it!!! All the Christmas sweater parts are actually done. That's amazing! Everything looks great, and I can't wait to see them finished.