Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Knitting in circles....

Dear Laura:

That's what I'm doing. I just keep knitting around and around. It doesn't look much different from day to day or week to week. Right now each row takes about 20 minutes. The pattern repeats have gotten easier to memorize, so that helps. Every 4-row repeat adds about an inch in diameter.

The baby that I'm knitting this for has been born! GN3 (great-niece #3) was born on July 27th and she is an absolute darling! I got a chance to see her and hold her on Sunday.

I read somewhere of an old tradition that if a master knitter places knitting needles in the hands of a baby, they will grow up to be a master knitter (I'm technically in the master knitter program.....) This is my new "thing." I give all the new babies knitting needles! Ok, before all the screaming about safety, I obviously don't just hand them the needles and see what happens! I keep ahold of them too! And since it looks less scary ( and IS less scary!), I hand them the cable of a pair of circulars with the points down! No sense letting them flail away with long pointy sticks!

So it looks like her Baptism will be in the next couple of weeks, so I really have to keep at this. Once I know the date, I have to subtract 2 days for blocking and a day for the crochet trim. (Thank heavens there isn't a knitted on border!) So, I'll knit like mad until 3 days before the Baptism. If I had to stop right now, it would be about 28" diameter before blocking, so it would be the bare minimum size for a baby blanket. I can't wait to see how much it grows when I block it! Every additional inch now is making it look better....

Around and around she goes...where she stops, nobody knows!!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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